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February 19, 2016

Alternative Treatment for Hair Loss

Sometimes people may reach a point when they have had it with a specific hair loss treatment that brings no result even after more than a year of use. Experts...


August 13, 2015

Power of Touch: How Beneficial is a Regular Massage?

Massage makes you feel good. What you do not realize is just how good a regular massage can be for your general body health. Massage improves performance, it reduces stress,...


April 20, 2015

Popular massage types

Generally speaking, we can distinguish between full-body and partial-body massages. Most massages are a combination of full and partial massage and are concentrating on the most tense areas of the...


February 11, 2015

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

This ancient palace is one of the most important archaeological sites in Sri Lanka. It is located at the heart of the country, in the Central Province near the city...

massage interior

February 5, 2015

How Massage Therapy Reduces Stress

In today’s fast-paced society, stress has become a rampant component with a highly negative effect on individuals’ well-being and happiness. To help deal with this problem, massage therapy has emerged...

woman sleeping

January 30, 2015

Why do we dream about sex?

It is not surprising to hear of men and women who’ve had sex dreams at one point or the other. This is especially common for people who are active sexually...


January 19, 2015

A few alternatives to drinking coffee

Many of us can’t make it through the day without chugging down a cup of coffee. That bitter taste of java gives us the caffeine boost we need to make...

iphone vs samsung

January 10, 2015

iPhone 6 versus Samsung Galaxy S5

iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5? It’s a hard decision to make, primarily because both are best-in-range phones from the iOS and Android camps. We’ll break it down into a...

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