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Power of Touch: How Beneficial is a Regular Massage?

August 13, 2015 admin 0 Comments

Massage makes you feel good. What you do not realize is just how good a regular massage can be for your general body health. Massage improves performance, it reduces stress, enhances the body metabolism and improves blood circulation. The Chinese started using massage in 5000BC and they still use it today. It is a healing process that keeps the body fit and should be done regularly.

Massage and Stress


Tiredness and Soreness, stress and anxiety are key in causing a significant number of human diseases. Massage lowers the cortisol level in the body and ups serotonin and dopamine. This process reduces the stress we face on a day to day basis and keeps us safe from diseases. A regular massage improves aid recovery and prevent injuries to the body. Lower back pain is a leading cause of disability in the US with more than thirty one million people suffering from it. A regular massage will treat a number of musculoskeletal issues, lower back pain being one of them. The type of massage, be it a deep tissue or a Swedish massage, does not matter as long as the massage touches the low back.

Massage Therapy and your Health and Fitness


Massage is a simple process that involves a therapist pressing and kneading the skin of the client. Nonetheless, it is a scientific process. Massage invigorates muscles that are tired, injured and aching. By increasing the blood and lymph circulation, massage not only keeps you fit but also improves your immune system. An active person will have better lymph circulation than one who leads a sedentary lifestyle. However, rigorous activity increases the amount of waste the body produces thus negating the benefit of the increased flow. To this end, a massage comes handy. A good and regular massage aids the flow of nymph in the body and the flow of blood which together supplies the body with required nutrient and rid it of toxins. The importance of good circulation in the human cannot be trivialized and thus the importance of a good and regular massage. Massage keeps the body of the elderly functioning well, improves their health and gives them a happier life.

More Regular Massage Benefits

Athletes need regular massage to get rid of fatigue. You also need a massage after a rigorous exercise session. If you visit the gym once a week, you need to visit the spa once a week. Though this may sound indulgent, it is the right thing for your body. Massage improves the functioning of oil and sweat glands that nourish the skin making it supple and softer. Massage also keeps the nervous system balanced by either stimulating or soothing it. By improving the metabolic rate, the body is able to get rid of nitrogen, salt and inorganic phosphorus. It also improves the production of gastric juices, urine and saliva. Lastly massage keeps body muscles loose.

Benefits Increase with Regular Spa Visits

A massage does your body good. Frequent massage does the body even better. Taking part in regular massage sessions determine how healthy, fit and young you stay. Though you may think a massage session as a pampering session, it does not make it any less therapeutic or any less scientific.


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