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How Massage Therapy Reduces Stress

February 5, 2015 admin 0 Comments

In today’s fast-paced society, stress has become a rampant component with a highly negative effect on individuals’ well-being and happiness. To help deal with this problem, massage therapy has emerged as one of the most effective means of dealing with stress. It is important to note that the benefits of massage transcends stress relieve to include disease management and enhancement of social life. There are different types of massages which you can choose to help deal with stress issues and the choice is largely dependent on your needs and preference. These different massage techniques range from tantric to deep tissue, Swedish to reflexology to mention but a few. Most types of massages normally use choice oils while others normally use hot stones but the bottom line is that all of them are designed to help in releasing body tension and promoting relaxation.

How exactly does massage help in relieving stress?

Normally, stress can lead to cases of high blood pressure and increased heart rate. This could lead to serious health conditions if not dealt with properly. Massage is the most amazing treatment as it does not involve the introduction of any harmful chemicals in the body but effectively deals with the strained brain senses helping to alleviate the stress. It is good to note that stress normally begins in the mind leading to tightened muscles and other negative effects. Massage can help calm and relax both the body and the mind in such a way that stress will be washed away thus helping you to live a productive life.

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Additionally, massage can help provide the body with muscular benefits. Normally, stress normally leads to tensed up muscles and this can be changed through massage. As the body is rubbed with warm aromatherapy oils, the muscles are relaxed leading to a buoyancy experience. Studies have shown that the nervous system and soft tissues can easily be manipulated using massage and this includes the blood vessels which are greatly affected by stress thus affecting free flow of blood. This can lead to serious cases of headaches, high blood pressure and stroke. However, the situation can be changed using different rubbing techniques thus helping in the improvement of blood circulation throughout the body. This in return helps in the reduction of stress-related pains and muscle aches as the mind and body relax.

Stress can lead to many other problems including the suppression of immune and digestive system causing the body to conserve energy. However, massage normally helps to improve your immunity and digestion thus saving you from different risks such as flu, colds and indigestion among other things.


Massage therapists are normally trained to know how best to apply pressure during therapy and if done right, massage can help you enjoy so many benefits. The secret behind massage success is in applying pressure and touching the skin as this relaxes ligaments, muscles and tendons. Massage can be of great help to people who are involved in manual and tedious work as well as desk workers who are at risk of postural stress. In fact, postural stress is common in many people and manifests as weakness or pain the gluteals and lower back due to prolonged periods of sitting. You can fight stress and enjoy a more relaxed life by attending a few sessions of massage a few times every week.

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