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iPhone 6 versus Samsung Galaxy S5

January 10, 2015 admin 0 Comments

iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5? It’s a hard decision to make, primarily because both are best-in-range phones from the iOS and Android camps. We’ll break it down into a few simple categories that should make it easy for you when it comes time to make a purchasing decision.

Looks and weight

Here’s where most will instantly either pick an Apple over a Samsung device. Each phone is huge (well over 5.5-inches) and weighs just over 4.6-ounces. iPhone 6 is a little smaller and lighter, but this comes at the cost of less screen real-estate. It’s also a little matter of taste – the iPhone 6 is a lot more “adult” looking than the Galaxy S5, because it’s all metal, compared to the plastic look and the feel of Samsung’s phone. The S5 is far easier to customize, just remove the backing plate and slap on another style. With the iPhone 6, you pick a color (Gold, Silver, Gray) and you’re done.

iPhone 6


Both phones have excellent displays that are as good as any smartphone can get. The Galaxy S5 slightly edges out the iPhone 6 in this regard, as the S5 has a 432-PPI screen, compared to the 326ppi over on the Apple phone. The S5 also has a true 1080p display. The iPhone 6 only has a sub-HD 750×1334 screen. The S5’s screen is also larger (5.1”) compared to the iPhone 6 and its 4.7” screen. Although, if you’ve used the iPhone 6 before, the display and scrolling does seem a little smoother than the Galaxy S5’s. Apple knows how to make its OS work for its own phone.

Operating System (OS)

Another make or break for the buyer is the OS. The choice falls on this – do you want an open OS (Android) that’s more prone to crashing, or a solid, mostly error-free OS that can’t be meddled with (iOS)? Android is open, in that it can be plugged into a computer and meddled with to your heart’s content. iOS is very strict with how you can use it, so the iPhone can’t be used as a memory card, for instance (but an Android phone can). Gamers will find most of the same titles on both platforms, but iOS seems to get the best mobile games, thanks to its platform that is easy to develop for. iOS also looks better than Android, as the version on the S5 is full of bloatware that will slow the phone down after a few weeks of use.

Samsung Galaxy S5


Some incredible features are crammed into each phone. From a pure power stance, the S5 is the winner with 2GB RAM and a quad-core CPU. The iPhone 6 has a dual core 1.4ghz CPU with 1GB RAM. Both phones are made well for the hardware, so there’s actually less slowdown on the iPhone. The Galaxy S5 sadly, slows down because of needless apps and a special TouchSense interface that Samsung’s made especially for the S5 (and it sucks). Battery life is much better on the S5.


On a price-per-price basis, both phones are in the $499 category. So the choice falls down to, do you want to be part of the Apple ecosystem or Samsung’s? The S5 is the better phone, but only compared to the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 Plus though, beats the S5 on every level.

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