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Why do we dream about sex?

January 30, 2015 admin 0 Comments

It is not surprising to hear of men and women who’ve had sex dreams at one point or the other. This is especially common for people who are active sexually or those in the teenage or adolescent stage. However, many people normally find it disturbing especially if the sex dream involves a stranger or someone they might not be willing to associate with in the real world. While it is an established fact that many have had sexy dreams at night, the most question among a great number of people has been how this does happen and whether it is able to control the dream patterns or avoid them altogether. Below is an in-depth explanation as to why you might experience an intimate dream at night:

Why we have sex dreams?

Due to registered memories

Of all the human urges and feelings, sex is the strongest one and most of our time is spent thinking about sex or seeing different images that are sex-related. This causes the mind to register sexual images which are played out at night involuntarily. Considering that dreams normally originate from the subconscious, it is clear that sexual fantasies and images that we come across during the day will eventually be played out in the night in form of dreams. For example, if you spend some time watching TV programs that have a sexual theme, there is always a high likelihood that these will be replayed in your dreams although the characters involved might be different.


An expression of deep-seated sexual desire and thoughts

A sex dream might come as a result of deep-seated desires, thoughts and needs about the same. Sometimes, it is possible to have a sex dream even without having entertained the thoughts during the day and this could be a way for the body to get satisfaction for a strong need that is unconsciously registered in the mind. People who are sexually frustrated in a relationship are likely to experience this kind of dreams as a communication signal that all is not well.

A natural way of fluid elimination

People who have reached the age of sperm production yet are not actively involved sexually do experience wet or sex dreams frequently. This is common even for those who are in sexually active relationships and have taken long since their last ejaculation. A sex dream could come as a way of releasing excess fluid that has accumulated in the body, one of which is in form of sperms. It is therefore common for you to have such an experience and it should not be viewed as something abnormal.


With this in mind, it is important to examine your dreams carefully as they can help reveal a desire that needs to be checked. For example, if you are married but dream having sex with someone who is not your partner, it could reveal a pattern of mind or desire towards that person and this should be checked or else it could soon become a reality. Dreams have a way of exposing our inner thoughts and desires which are hidden from the natural eye thus becoming a thermometer with which we can know ourselves. It is also important to note that some of these dreams do not need to be interpreted literally as they could be carrying a message that might need decoding. Different religions and societies have different understandings and interpretations of dreams which could help decode any dreams including sex dreams.

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